Home Learning

Homework is given in order to:

  • establish good habits of home study and self-discipline;
  • allow children to reinforce what they have learned in school;
  • allow children to prepare for future work in school;
  • provide information for parents;
  • give parents the opportunity to become involved in and support their child’s learning.


Children in Primaries1-3 have reading, writing and/or mathematics tasks which should take approximately 20 minutes per evening (Monday-Thursday) to complete.  On occasion, they have Religious Education homework or something to find out about in connection with environmental studies work.


The homework programme for children in Primaries 4-7 incorporates all areas of the curriculum.  The time allocation for Primaries 4 and 5 is approximately 30 minutes per evening (Monday-Thursday) and for Primaries 6 and 7, 45 minutes per evening (Monday-Thursday). 


Homework booklets which provide further information on homework programmes for each stage are available for parents.


Parents are asked to foster in their children an enjoyment of reading.  This can be done by spending 10 or 15 minutes, perhaps 3 or 4 times per week, reading to your child or getting your child to read to you.  Parents or interested adults who can make this commitment will be doing a great deal to enhance children’s learning.


We encourage a flexible approach to home learning which acknowledges the experiences the children have out of school as well as those in school.