Parental Involvement Act


(1)  The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement Act) 2006 aims to improve the quality and extent

       Parents’ involvement in their own child’s learning and in the education the school provides. 

       It modernises and strengthens the framework for supporting parental involvement.  It also

       establishes a structure and process to replace School Boards with Parent Councils.


(2)  The Act outlines three areas where parents should be supported and encouraged to be more

       involved in their child’s learning:

·         At home-providing parents with information on what their children are learning at school and how this can be supported at home

·         Through school-providing parents with opportunities to contribute to the life of the school eg by helping out in the classroom and school events

·         In a more formal way-deciding what kind of parent representation the schools should have.


(3)  Parent Forum

       Every parent in the school is known as a member of the Parent Forum and

       as a member can expect to:

  • Get Information about what their child is learning
  • Get information about events and activities in the school
  • Get advice/help on how they can be supported in their child’s learning
  • Be told about opportunities to become involved in the school
  • Have a say in selecting a Parent Council to work on behalf of all parents at the school.


(4)  Parent Council

       From August 2007 Parent Councils are recognised as the representative body of the

       Parent Forum.  The role of the Council is to:

·         Work in partnership with the Headteacher and staff to support the school

·         Represent the views of all parents

·         Encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community

·         Report back to the Parent Forum

·         In St Andrew’s we have established a Parent Council.


(5)  The Headteacher has the right and the duty to attend all meetings of the Parent Council.


(6)  Parent Councils will play an active role in supporting parental involvement in the work and

       life of the school, while also providing opportunities for parents to express their views on

       their children’s education and learning.  The Parent Council, as a statutory body, will have

       the right to information and advice on matters which affect children’s education.  The

       school and the Education Authority will consult with the Parent Council and take their views

       into account wherever decisions are being taken on the education provided by the school.