School Aims

 Our School Aims are founded on the shared values, hope and ambitions of our whole school community. They take account of the needs of the pupils and reflect the improvement objectives of East Dunbartonshire Council. The school aims to give a framework from which priorities in the school Improvement Plan will be developed.


Priorities outlined in the annual Improvement Plan are intended to make a major contribution to raising standards of achievement and to enhance the ambitions of St Andrew’s Primary School.

We aim to foster the Catholic character of the school through the promotion of the Gospel values of :WISDOM, JUSTICE, COMPASSSION and INTEGRITY.

All members of our school community are valued equally as individuals and excel in different ways, regardless of sex,colour or creed. In order to equip the children to function successfully, now and in later life, we aim to:


1          Provide a happy, secure and welcoming environment where staff are valued and work in

            close partnership with parents, community and outside agencies for the benefit of all


2          Provide a rich and varied curricular experience which develops and enhances each child’s

            potential for learning, enabling them to become well rounded and fulfilled individuals,

            including – the physical, emotional, academic, spiritual and social development.

3          Encourage excellence so all children strive to attain the highest possible levels

            of achievement in a challenging and motivating environment.

4          Employ a range of teaching strategies which take cognisance of different learning

            styles, talents and skills, suited to the individual needs of all children.

5          Maximise the use of all available resources, both human and material, to support

            children’s learning in a stimulating and vibrant learning environment.

6          Develop and promote leadership skills at all levels – staff, pupils and the whole

            community, to provide the highest quality education.