School Business Continuity Plan

The school Business Continuity Plan (BCP) will be used during any incident within the school, which threatens to disrupt education at the school on a long term basis.


Emergency Closure of the School (pupils not present)


It may be that the school requires to be closed prior to the arrival of pupils eg heating failure, water failure, gas leak.  In such circumstances the following actions will be taken:


Specifically nominated staff will be at the school gates to speak to any parents or pupils arriving at the school and ensure that no one attempts to enter the school.


Notices will also be posted around the perimeter of the school detailing the reason for closure, possible date for re-opening (if known), information providing advice to parents, carers and pupils on how they will be kept informed of progress regarding re-opening of the school eg local radio broadcasts, EDC Website, School Website etc.


Any pupils arriving unaccompanied will be taken to a designated assembly area in the school until parents or carers can be contacted and arrive to take them home.  The designated assembly area for St Andrew’s Primary School is:


Upper School – rear playground

Infants            - front playground. 


Muster Site


If for any reason the designated assembly areas cannot be used, then pupils arriving unaccompanied will be taken to the Muster Site for the school.  A senior member of staff  has been designated to manage pupils arriving at the muster site.  The nominated muster site for

St Andrew’s Primary School is:


Castlehill Primary School

Rosslyn Road




Tel No   0141 955 2215