School Discipline

Promoting Positive Behaviour 

Expectations of the children are as follows:


·         acceptable standards of behaviour in class

·         obedience to the teacher and adherence to the class rules

·         acceptable standards of behaviour in playground, cloakrooms and corridors

·         caring for school property indoors and out

·         remaining within school boundaries during school hours

·         consideration for others especially during wet intervals and lunch hours.


The relationship between the children and the teacher is similar to that between a child and his/her parents, requiring mutual consideration on both sides.  Although every effort is made to promote positive behaviour through School Awards, teachers may have to apply sanctions for misdemeanours.  Punishment, when it is due, usually takes the form of detention during intervals, or temporary removal from class and we ensure that this is fair and consistent.  Our main approach to discipline is through restorative practices where we aim to mediate in disputes as appropriate and come to a positive resolution.


In St Andrew’s we adhere to East Dunbartonshire Council’s Anti-Bullying Policy and Guideline

Document.  The school is fully committed to promoting equal opportunities and this is provided through an appropriate curriculum and at school assemblies.  Fighting, bullying, foul language and defiance are considered to be serious misdemeanours.  If, after consultation with parents, this kind of behaviour continues, children may have to be suspended from attendance at school immediately.



Wet Weather Intervals


On wet days children are permitted to stay indoors at intervals and lunchtime.  With regard to wet mornings, the teachers’ day begins at 9.00am and although there may be supervision, this cannot always be guaranteed.


During wet weather intervals, children are encouraged to play quietly within the classroom.  Reasonable standards of behaviour are expected and are necessary for their own and others’ safety.  Parents of children who do not comply with these rules will be expected to make alternative arrangements for their children’s supervision.



Playground Supervision


An adult presence is provided in playgrounds at break times in terms of the Schools (Safety and Supervision of Pupils) (Scotland) Regulations 1990.  In St Andrew’s, classroom assistants and support for learning assistants supervise children in the playgrounds.